Mission | Vision | Values




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Mission (What we are here to do):

The mission of the Tulane University Division of Student Affairs is to cultivate support, connection, and growth throughout the student experience.

Vision (What we hope to become):

The Division of Student Affairs will challenge all Tulane students to learn, think, and act to benefit humanity.

Values (How we do our work):

To foster a community where everyone thrives, the Division of Student Affairs values: Collaboration, Integrity, Empathy, Equity, Well-being, and Innovation




In its efforts to support the academic mission of the institution, develop students at both the individual and community level and enhance the university’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) has identified the following Strategic Priorities and associated goals:

Leadership and Personal Development

The Division of Student Affairs has a central role in shaping our students as individuals and contributors to the various communities they inhabit now and in the future. DSA will facilitate and model consistent socially just leadership and personal development for all Tulane students.


  • Create a comprehensive leadership development series for all students, exploring various stages, styles, and application of leadership theory available to students across the spectrum of class year, type of academic program, and level of study.        
  • Institute and enhance programs and services to help prepare students for life after graduation.
  • Promote opportunities for students to engage with others in a constructive and generative manner, on an individual and local and global community level.


Culture of Care and Thriving

The Division of Student Affairs will contribute to Tulane’s success by championing a campus culture of compassion, belonging, thriving, equity and social justice to improve the health of all who are engaged here and strengthen the ecological, social, and economic sustainability of our community and wider society.


  • Deliver targeted assessment, training, programs, and communications to evolve a community where everyone feels connected, takes responsibility for others, and is treated with dignity and appreciation.
  • Prioritize physical, mental, and social wellbeing through a commitment to infusing health into everyday operations, institutional policies, business practices, and academic mandates.
  • Weave a comprehensive approach to a deeper understanding and response to issues of social justice and equity into divisional thinking and processes.  


Supporting All Students

The Division of Student Affairs will work to meet the unique needs of students at various stages in their development while respecting and uplifting all the identities they hold. This will include increasing our understanding of students who have historically been underserved and ensure the Tulane experience includes all students equitably.


  • Assess sense of belonging for all populations of students impacted by the work of DSA.
  • Identify and enhance existing programs and services that collectively promote persistence for all Tulane students from enrollment to commencement.
  • Align resources and policies to support the retention of student populations who are historically and currently underrepresented.
  • Determine areas of growth for professional development and competencies that promote diversity, inclusion, and equity through an antiracist lens.
  • Foster intentional and consistent spaces and opportunities for student engagement that centers the perspectives and identities of marginalized populations.
  • Eradicate existing barriers to success for students who are historically and currently underserved.


Resource Management and Stewardship

The Division of Student Affairs will promote and ensure values-driven, strategic, and innovative resource management across all departments.


  • Research and implement intentional staff development and retention strategies that incorporate relevant best practices in our field.
  • Enhance student-facing spaces and facilities to build a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for everyone in our community.   
  • Utilize technology to work smarter and more efficiently to provide students with a higher level of service.
  • Prepare program and department budgets strategically with operational forethought toward an emphasis on sustainable programs and facilities. 
  • Pursue critical initiatives by generating new funding through giving, grants, and other innovative avenues of revenue generation.