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About the Division of Student Affairs

Get Wasted with the Wave

Student Affairs provides services and programs to help students succeed at Tulane and in life. We design out of class experiences that enhance Tulane’s academic excellence. 

The Division of Student Affairs involves many departments, programs and services that provide a distinctive Tulane experience for all students. 

Core Values 

As a Division of Student Affairs, we embrace seven core values: 

  1. Community
  2. Integrity
  3. Inclusive Excellence
  4. Holistic Education
  5. Person Centered
  6. Creativity and Innovation
  7. Healthy Living 

Live in community

True to our motto, Non sibi, sed suis, (Not for one's self but for one's own) we believe we have an obligation to one another. We pledge our best efforts in creating an educationally purposeful, open, just, disciplined, thoughtful and caring Tulane. We advocate for each other and are responsible and accountable participants in the New Orleans community in which we live. This resilient city is rich in culture and traditions which we celebrate, respect, and value.  

Lead lives of integrity

Each of us has the capacity to cultivate a purposeful and principled life, leading by example. We strive to foster the highest potential within individuals and hold ourselves to sound personal and professional ethical principles. We are each responsible for our actions, and expect this of others.  

Model inclusive excellence

Multicultural educational experiences and relationships are essential to increasing social and cultural understanding and generating innovative knowledge for the 21st century. We work to foster a sense of well-being and belonging among people of all backgrounds. We engage with each other and the diverse communities of New Orleans with humility, self-awareness, flexibility, respect, and reciprocity.  And, we cultivate spaces where authentic dialogues promote transformational learning.  

Educate the whole person

We view education from a comprehensive and holistic perspective. We believe students are best educated in an environment where their intellectual development is integrated with their physical, social, emotional, creative, and spiritual growth. We believe higher education has the ability to liberate individuals when considered comprehensively, and we seek to contribute to this transcendent approach to education.

Be person-centered

People are at the center of our work and deserve our finest efforts. We are committed to an individual and developmental approach that honors our multiple and intersectional identities and inspires us to be our best.  

Encourage creativity and innovation

The world is rapidly changing. Responding to the complex issues of the 21st century relies on our ability to ignite creativity and innovation within our education and our work. We foster environments characterized by original thinking, where diversity, creativity, risk, and experimentation can flourish.  

Commit to healthy living

Much like the resilient New Orleans community in which we live, we are committed to a future of growth, health and well-being. Individually and collectively, by attending to mind, body and spirit, we are better prepared to serve as effective agents of change in the world.  We promote care and concern for others and demonstrate respect for the inherent dignity and worth of all people.  

The seven core values of community, integrity, inclusive excellence, holistic education, person-centered, creativity and innovation, and healthy living serve to guide behavior, clarify decision-making, and inspire action.