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Fall 2021

Updated August 17, 2021

Please review the Fall 2021 Return to Campus Testing Communication for Students.

For Testing Questions, please email CHTestResults@tulane.edu

Campus Access

Tulane’s campuses and recreational spaces, including the Reily Student Recreation Center, will be closed to the general public until at least September 1.

Student Travel Policy

Tulane will no longer be restricting or monitoring domestic travel for students. Students who will be traveling internationally while enrolled or immediately prior to enrollment should coordinate this travel through the Dean of Students Office.

Students who need or wish to travel internationally while enrolled or immediately prior to enrollment should complete the following steps:

  • Students should submit a travel request.
  • Students will be contacted by the Dean of Students or designee to discuss the logistics related to their travel.
  • If vaccinated, the student will work with a Case Manager to ensure that any necessary precautions are taken.

If unvaccinated, the student must secure off-campus accommodations until they can be fully vaccinated prior to a return to the campus community. Additionally, the student will work with a Case Manager to ensure that any necessary precautions are taken.  

Fall 2021 Return to Campus Surveillance Testing

The following testing schedule is planned for Fall 2021:

  • Participation in testing is required of all students, faculty, and staff.
  • All unvaccinated individuals will be required (with no exceptions) to test twice weekly beginning Aug. 23, 2021.
  • Through the surveillance testing program, a random sample of graduate, undergraduate, faculty, and staff who are vaccinated, will be tested at least twice a month.
  • Any individual, regardless of vaccination status, receiving a QR Code must schedule their test as directed in the testing email. Test results are processed by the Tulane School of Medicine Laboratory. Expect results, via a phone call or email, within 24–36 hours. If you do not receive results after 36 hours, please email CHTestResults@wave.tulane.edu.
  • The Tulane Testing Centers, The Living Well Clinics, and all Campus Health locations work by appointment. Please do not show up, unless directed to do so via phone or email, without a scheduled appointment and a new QR code.

Important Facts

  • The test schedule is subject to change. Please check this page for updates. Please monitor your email and schedule your testing when you receive your notice.
  • Please do not visit a campus testing center before receiving a scheduling notice/QR Code. If you do not have an active order (QR code) to get tested, you will be turned away from the testing center.
  • Be sure to complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form if you receive a positive test result from an outside healthcare provider and not through Tulane.
  • Individuals who have tested positive are not to be tested for 90 days. If you receive a notice, please contact CHTestResults@tulane.edu for assistance.
  • For questions about testing, email CHTestResults@tulane.edu.
  • Current COVID-19 Vaccine information is available here.
  • More on Testing & Tracing can be found here.

Mask Up, Y’all!

With the highest risk for COVID-19 transmission occurring in indoor settings, masks are required, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor public and common spaces on campus – including classrooms, laboratories, shuttles, and other meeting spaces.

Masks are not required when outdoors on campus. However, unvaccinated persons should still wear masks outdoors when attending an outdoor gathering. Mask requirements for outdoor gatherings of a certain size and density may be necessary for vaccinated persons, too. Directives for such events will be announced prior to the event and/or through signage at the event location.

Current masking policies will remain in place until Sept. 1. Students must be masked when attending class. Current guidance does not require social distancing in classrooms or other settings. More details on how classroom instruction will continue during the mask mandate have been sent in a separate email to faculty. Certain departments and areas of the university may have stricter safety protocols based on the nature of the work performed.

Maintain 6 Feet

In compliance with Louisiana Department of Health and CDC guidance, Tulane requires fully vaccinated students, faculty, staff, visitors, or vendors to practice social distancing indoors or outdoors while on any Tulane campus.

Unvaccinated are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Social distancing means:

  • Staying 6 feet away from others as a normal practice.
  • Eliminating contact with others, such as handshakes, fist bumps, or embracing coworkers, visitors or friends.
  • Avoid gathering in groups as well as crowded places.

Contact Tracing

You must fully comply with contract tracing if it is determined you have COVID or are a close contact. For more information on contact tracing, click here.

Quarantine Length Update

The CDC guidance on quarantine for close COVID contacts has changed.

During fall 2021, Tulane will have limited isolation space on campus. Tulane will have NO quarantine space on campus. Students who need to quarantine will need to find their own quarantine location. Students may not quarantine in their residence hall room.

A case manager from Student Affairs will be assigned to each student and will make periodic checks to ensure compliance with isolation/quarantine and to assist the student if necessary.

Tulane is providing isolation space for students who have tested positive. Students will continue their coursework remotely.

For some, the Tulane isolation space may be undesirable. For this reason, some students have chosen to rent an off-campus property. These students are still assigned a case manager and can reach out to us for any needs they may have. Some short-term rentals and hotels have guidelines that prohibit renting to individuals who have tested positive or are a close contact with a COVID-19 individual. Please check these guidelines before renting an off-campus property.

Event Registration

All university programs and events must be registered through WaveSync. Students can click here or email Greg Feiling for assistance.

Protests and demonstrations must continue to be registered with the university. Click here for the Demonstration Registration Form.

Adhere to All Safety Protocols

You must immediately follow all directions regarding safety protocols when they are issued. You are required to follow all local, state, and federal public health guidelines. You are responsible for understanding and following the Code of Student Conduct, Residence Hall Community Living Standards and all Tulane Public Health Guidelines


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